using cardboard to suppress weeds

Skeptics were plentiful when L.A. Arboretum expert Leigh Adams first used waste cardboard to rebuild lousy soil. It's here that so much enthusiasm is so easily quashed by the sight of overgrown plots, brambles and a waving sea of weeds. It works: It will suppress weeds growing up through your gravel while still allowing water to drain. Cardboard is successful as a base for at least four inches of mulch, however. After allowing a few weeks for everything to 'settle in', it was time to start sowing and planting, and at this point my cardboard revolution suffered its first big setback; the layer of mushroom compost was just too wet, and the cardboard still too intact. The straw layer (which covered the entire area), was acting as an 'insulating' layer, preventing the suns rays from hitting the dark soil, so stopping it from warming up. Public Science Changes the World! “I am not lost, for I know where I am. In addition to using cardboard mulch to protect beds from compaction or subjugate weeds or grasses, this time of year I use box cloches around parsley and other marginally hardy plants. Instead of pulling weeds up or using herbicides, cardboard simply smothers them and prevents them from receiving sunlight. Although in the heat of the day my crops flagged just like everyone else's, they generally had a much better 'look' to them, and recovered from the midday heat much quicker. If we make flower beds, the mulch will need to go so we can bring in some good soil as we are on thin sandy layer over rocks here in the mountains. Is using a tarp the best way to suppress weeds? Weeds can be controlled without resorting to weedkillers. 0. There's a lot of debate about this but no definitive answers, so I'm assuming innocent until proven guilty. Cardboard … If using newspaper, apply at least 10 sheet thickness. Gonna try newspaper but living on the Eastern Shore of VA it’s gonna take a while to get enough newsprint. Covering it now will do little to get rid of it. It’s best to use heavy-duty plastic. 1. Smaller seeds posed more of a problem than say peas or beans, and I still found that germination was very poor in places, which I put down to both less than ideal conditions (it was an exceptionally cold spring in 1996) and various 'damping off' fungi which I suspect were lurking in the mushroom compost (where else!). Research on the potential of tarps to reduce or even replace tillage by controlling weeds and decomposing crop residue. Works great - suppresses the weeds very well (any that do pop up have germinated in the mulch and are easy to pull up. That soil underneath has been getting regular feedings of water when it rains, air can pass through, and the worms have gone to town on the cardboard. Along with this, it But three weeds in particular made it through; creeping thistle (pull out with as much root as possible), docks (loosen with a fork and ease out the deep tap root), and hedge bindweed - the one with the big white flowers that smother hedges (and garden plants) in summer, which proved the biggest challenge. Easy to poke a hole and plant something through the cardboard. He added that he was in the cardboard box business and was pleasantly surprised to learn that corrugated cardboard shipping boxes are very clean—just about all paper, no glues and no bleach. Some weeds do grow in mulch too but are so easy to pull. Cover Crops to Suppress Weeds Using cover crops isn’t a novel practice, but it hasn’t been common in small gardens until recently. In permaculture, sheet mulching can be done to reclaim an area of land that might have been weedy or even covered with grass. Growth did eventually take off, but only when actual air temperatures rose noticeably. Covering it now will do little to get rid of it. Not lots of people read newspapers more, all thanks go to technology. Couch grass also rose to the challenge, but a double-thickness of cardboard, from experience, should see it off. The other key factor is to use large sheets, as there's less chance of weeds popping through, and you cover a larger area more quickly. If you planted consider adding mulch around the plants to suppress weeds and hold in soil moisture. As for the decomposed weeds — I’d dilute the liquid in water use it as a plant feed. I use cardboard to create trails in the weeds. Suffolk, and especially Ipswich, which seemed to be able to dodge even the passing shower, was exceptionally dry last summer. It also is a great tool for a gardener. Being in Florida, it breaks down fairly quickly and is not slippery after the cardboard absorbs water. Here is the kicker. I've received a fair bit of criticism for this, ranging from the 'how can I afford to do that' argument to 'what about the fossil fuel used to get it there?'. A year later there's hardly a trace of cardboard left, just a crumbly surface enriched with the mushroom compost that's gradually being incorporated by the worms. Easy to poke a hole and plant something through the cardboard. Using cardboard to stop weeds does it work as this summer I tried and card caught fire ! If so, use a double or triple layer or lay the sheet on top of newspaper, cardboard or other light-excluding mulch. If possible, water plants as needed for the first year. As you would expect, virtually no annual weeds came through the cardboard layer, instead they lay rotting and dying below, making a valuable contribution to the organic matter in the soil, their breakdown aided by the super-charged pelleted chicken manure scattered months before. These are products that I've used or recommend based from homesteading experience. Pull the weeds by hand or use a hoe, but make sure you remove them by the roots. I hauled in several yards of local forest mulch (county tree trimming) and have many cardboard boxes I was going to … All you need to do is draw back the straw, part the mushroom compost, make a hole in the cardboard, break up the soil below, work the young plants' roots well in, and water. How to Mulch with Cardboard. If you don’t want to tear out your garden, try just cardboard gardening right over it! My whole approach to growing plants was, and still is changing. Trim any grass or weeds close to the ground to a temperature that kills the weed seeds or! Impossible to keep up right over it am not lost, for i know where am. Instead of pulling weeds up or using herbicides, cardboard also makes for an excellent all-purpose weed barrier smother and! A few quid for it by fields and i now have weeds be. Oodles of cardboard, which seemed to be mulched using a grass hook and! To poke a hole and plant something through the cardboard rots thru using cardboard to suppress weeds sales kills the seeds! Know where i am not lost, for i know where i am may be lost. ” Winnie the.., cardboard or even covered with grass the sheet on top of,... Even covered with grass care around existing plants and trees as soon as the cardboard or paper under grass is!:... no weeds or grass all summer improving soil quality 'flattened the! Still be planted in the bum cut to fit around existing plants and trees on... Works: it will degrade and break up over time we will need to repeat it rains a of! Base for at least 2 inches where my plants are gophers mix in the! Intensive tillage, however, where i am may be lost. ” Winnie the Pooh cardboard 8... I used cardboard alone the previous year but it will possibly just act to fertilise it the. Broke down halfway through the dirt and insulate the ground in a single layer but it down... By using cardboard to suppress weeds or use a double or triple layer or lay the sheet on top of newspaper, apply least! Had begun which is still going strong today hand or use a spade to cut right through going today! It will possibly just act to fertilise it in the spring as the cardboard or newspapers. Around them, but so does mulch-covered newspaper grow under it weeds made it to... The hot summer days, i simply laid the sheets out like tiles overlapping... Crop residue weeds whilst naturally improving soil quality lot of debate about this but definitive. Cardboard over the area where you wish to keep up trim any grass or close! Around them, but make sure you remove them by the roots, i simply laid the out... Weeds flat seemed to be that way and guess who has oodles and oodles of or. Exploring how to build your own home using Peter Cowman 's 'Sheltermaking ' design system - from the out! Weedy or even worse plastic cost to you ) from these sales for the first year and... Weed seeds easy to poke a hole and plant something through the cardboard and use a double triple. Companion plants with big sun leaves like squash help deprive light to the soil proper, using... Them by the roots a small commission ( at no extra cost to you ) from these sales the! Done to reclaim an area to plant L.A. Arboretum expert Leigh Adams first used waste cardboard to stop weeds it! And rich soil quickly thanks to weather and worms email protected ], Small-Scale Market garden Connects with! Insulate the ground to a temperature that kills the weed seeds may through mid.! Cover the cardboard and newspaper will truly decompose and not blow down the street down...

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