what is a trade union representative called

There are two types of organisations to which the trade unions in India are affiliated — (a) The national federations (such as INTUC, UTUC, HMS with political backing and support) have all the trade unions in a given industry as their affiliated members and (b) Federation of Unions which are nothing but combinations of various unions for the purpose of gaining strength and solidarity. In a liberalised environment, the union is looked upon as a facilitator of change. In the workplace a trade union representative (2) is an employee who will represent and defend the rights of workers. Often, the union representative, will be a workplace representative who is also a co-worker. A trade union 'official' has a particular statutory meaning and must either be an 'officer' of a trade union, or someone who has been properly elected or appointed to be a representative of its members. The stress worry and anxiety about job security and the complexities of the redundancy process can be daunting. As such, it still continues to recommend the names of workers delegation to the International Labour Conference. Also called a “trade union” or a “worker’s union,” a labor union selects representatives to negotiate with employers in a process known as collective bargaining. I was absolutely devastated by the whole situation. The example is the Jamshedpur Labour Union. Disclaimer 8. These Unions are called as horizontal unions. However, the structure can be classified into four types, viz.-. Employees and other workers have the right to be accompanied at a disciplinary or grievance hearing. The employer should comply with this. Your SR will give you confidential help and advice. Federations & Confederation and a Few Other Types. Trade unions typically fund the formal organization, head office, and legal tea… https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/articles/introduction-trade-unions, https://castleassociates.org.uk/?q=employee-support/trade-union-support, http://www.acas.org.uk/index.aspx?articleid=1611, http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1999/26/section/10, https://www.tuc.org.uk/workplace-issues/basic-rights-work/c-your-basic-rights/08-right-be-accompanied/right-be-accompanied. They want shift in power and authority and use of force - Left Unions. Read more about trade unions in this article. Its distinguishing characteristic is the ruthless pursuit of the matter in hand adopting any means that seems most appropriate at the time, paying no regard to the ethical and legal codes or the effect upon those outside its own membership. The legal requirement to do at least the bare minimum to pay employees what they are entitled to. They run local offices and provide a common platform to its members. Hence, primary industrial unions have to come together to solve effectively the common problems of the entire industry, i.e., they form federations at the regional level and the national level. someone in a particular company or organization who has been elected to represent employees who belong to a particular trade union: Management and union representatives are meeting to discuss " productivity improvement " targets. The role of the union has changed significantly in the last three decades during which there has reportedly been a sharp fall in membership. They have affiliated themselves with the National centres. Before uploading and sharing your knowledge on this site, please read the following pages: 1. (ii) Hold-up unions – The unscrupulous bosses of workers’ organisations and unscrupulous employers conspire together to exploit the customers by selling their prod­ucts at very high rates; the major chunk of the money so earned goes to the pockets of these unscrupulous elements, leaving very little, if at all, for the workers. For example, Federation of Indian Railways, Central Government Employees may form into a Confederation. Redundancy (3) is one situation where the role of the trade union representative is certainly valued by the under threat workforce. The Textile Labour Association of Ahmedabad, the Rashtriya Mill Mazdoor Sangh, Bombay, the Engineering Mazdoor Sabha, Bombay, the Labour Mines Mazdoor Sangh, Udaipur, are important examples. This type of unionism creates terrorism to subdue the employers to accede to their unholy demands. Labour Unions 5. shop steward, steward - a union member who is elected to represent fellow workers in negotiating with management. Guerilla Union leaders are unscrupulous, ruthless and irresponsible towards the employer. A trade union representative can address a disciplinary hearing, put and sum up the your case, respond to any views expressed at the meeting and confer with you during the meeting . Trade union, also called labor union, an association of workers in a particular trade, industry, or company created for the purpose of securing improvements in pay, benefits, working conditions, or social and political status through collective bargaining. These unions may be either business unions or revolutionary unions. Most of the Primary Unions have developed common links amongst themselves. Predatory unions may be of two types as follows: (i) Guerrilla unions – These unions can go to any extent, including resorting to terror­ism and other violent means, to accomplish their objectives. Moreover, the problems of all the same industry are more or less common. These unions aim at destruction or cessation of the capitalistic system, abolition of private property and installation of socialist or communistic systems. Katherine Tai is a House Ways and Means Committee trade lawyer. As the tertiary sector emerges on the economic platform, the number of employees working in such a sector (like health, services, local services, etc.) Brilliant service, really informative and professional. Union representation in leadership refers to the upper ranks of a union local, the union's district or council office or the national office of a labor union. This includes representative duties associated with collective redundancies and the transfer of undertakings. (iv) They secure high wages and better benefits to their members. ULRs work very hard to boost the image and strengthen the organisation of their union within the workplace. These unions have been organised as a result of the need felt by workers in one industry at a given centre to come together on a common platform. If the workers of any industry, any region and of any job or occupation form into one union in order to protect the overall interests of the workers, such unions are called General Unions. The craft unions are mostly found amongst non-manual employees and professional workers. Unions train and organise workplace representatives who help union members with the problems they face at work.Reps provide support and advice and campaign for better conditions and pay When the employee Vong was called into a disciplinary meeting, he brought a union official with him. They are to be looked at as apex, co­ordinating bodies. All bargaining representatives and other parties involved in the process have to bargain in good faith. The Code also provides advice concerning union learning representatives. Workers can request that an official from any trade union accompany them at a disciplinary or grievance hearing, regardless of whether or not they are a member of the union or if it is recognised. You could do work-based training courses through Unionlearn or the General Federation of Trade Unions. These are national-level organisations to which plant level unions, craft unions, industrial unions and general unions are affiliated. The common bond here is the industry in which the workers are employed. However, it is these affiliates which are the real centres of trade union activities. These unions are also called “vertical” unions. Their solutions are also to a great extent common. These national centres are intended primarily to coordinate, guide and lay down the broad policies for the activities of their affiliates. The representative has to be certified in writing as having experience, or having received training, in acting as a worker's companion at disciplinary and grievance hearings. It is an organisation or rather a form of organisation based on the sense of common status and common need for help. Therefore, an industrial union is open to the members of workers of a factory like Girni Kamgar Union at Bombay. A craft union is an organisation of those workers who are employed in the same occupation or craft, craft unions have also come up in an transport, in some sections of ports and docks, and in industrial units based on modern technology, skilled workers in these industries find or apprehend that their interests will not be protected by a general purpose union. (iii) These unions keep majority of the workers outside the unionism. Prohibited Content 3. Facts and figures about living in the EU. However, this union has no abiding principles and purposeful concern for the rights and welfare of outsiders. Revolutionary Unions 10. Grievance procedures; Disciplinary procedures These unions are further classified into four types as under: These unions resort to political action to protect the workers interest. A union representative, union steward, or shop steward is an employee of an organization or company who represents and defends the interests of her/his fellow employees as a labor union member and official. Trade unions based on their purposes can be broadly classified into: Reformist unions aim at the preservation of the capitalist economy and the maintenance of competitive production based industrial relations. From the point of view of solidarity, this type is ideal. b. Through joint action, they provide solid protection to workers and see that the domination of the employer over the industrial arena is contained. I'm really surprised and impressed by the help they gave me. These are national level apex bodies in which plant level unions, craft unions, industrial union and general unions are affiliated. 1. The union has the authority and the exclusive right to negotiate with UC management on the amount of wages, benefits and working conditions that the employees will receive. Diligent, experienced, knowledgeable and effective union representatives can often be viewed as a disruptive influence by employers during a disciplinary or grievance hearing. It claims to respect the force of contract. Today's crossword puzzle clue is a quick one: Trade union representative. What the representative cannot do is answer questions put directly to the worker. Generally, this type of union is found in a large industrial centres masquerading as business unionism. It is the boss who rules the roost. Report a Violation 11. (iii) They have strong bargaining power as they comprise of skilled employees. They do not insert on changing the present structure instead they want to continue the existing, social, economic and political structures. Such unions usually comprise office staff or who work off the shop floor and perform desk jobs or provide service over the counter or any such other job. The structure of trade unions in India varies from organisation-to-organisation. Such Unions of Unions are called Federations. We offer support on a wide range of employment law and HR issues. An employee who is a member of such a trade union is also entitled to reasonable time off for certain trade union activities - for example, attending a union conference. Trade unions all over the world have a great variety and differ from each other in more than one way. These unions tend to adopt more sophisticated bargaining than other types of unions. How to apply If you want to join a union, you should check if there is already a union representative in your workplace. A primary union of general type covers all employees working in a variety of industries under one owner located at the same place. As powerful agents of workers, they seek to extract all kinds of incentives, benefits for workers. For example, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has union representative positions such as international vice presidents, field representatives, directors and election project coordinators. It may employ business, friendly or revolutionary methods. Employers who don’t understand the role of a union representative and that of a support person risk significant legal consequences. There are all sorts of reasons. However, the structure can be classified into 4 types, viz. It is the basic unit of a federation or a trade union structure. It is the basic fighting unit which directly comes in class with the employer. It implies that, the collective bargaining power of these unions is, far greater than craft unions. The basic logic behind the formation of such unions is that the workers belonging to the same craft do face similar problems — mostly non-managerial personnel form such unions. Generally there are four types of trade unions are: The workers belonging to the same craft, specialized skill or same occupation can form their trade union irrespective of industry or trade they be employed. They have come together to form industrial or regional federations. Employee representatives operate mainly in businesses that: do not recognise any trade union for collective bargaining purposes; recognise a trade union in respect of some, but not all, of their employees; Why consult employee representatives? These unions prefer voluntary arbitration and conciliation. It may also operate independently at the local level and keep itself out of all federal links. A trade union “official” includes officers of the union as well as appointed representatives of union members. Workplace based trade union reps have a number of rights. Trade union representatives can also accompany any worker to a disciplinary or grievance hearing with management. It was last seen in Daily quick crossword. Trade union representatives can also accompany any worker to a disciplinary or grievance hearing with management. The objectives of these unions are all-embracing in character. This type of union encourages workers solidarity and makes negotiations easy because a single agreement covers all workers of a particular industry. Blue-collar workers constitute the bulk of membership of trade unions in the organised sector. What is the EU. It operates openly through collective bargaining and possesses regards for law and order. Here, the base is common place and not the common ownership. Training like this could be useful when you apply to become a full-time paid official at a union's branch or regional office. Blue-collar workers’ unions constitute of employees usually performing operative jobs. The Ahmedabad Weavers’ Union, the Kanpur Suti Mill Mazdoor Sabha, the International Wood Carvers’ Association and the Indian Pilots’ Guild are the outstanding examples of such unions. The membership is large; and it makes workers class-conscious and increases the feeling of solidarity among them. For instance, textile workers in Bombay, Ahmedabad, Kanpur and Indore, plantation labour in Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and jute mill workers in West Bengal, got organised on this basis. These unions resort to political action to protect the workers’ interest. Their unions generally oppose technologically advances in the organisation. Besides, it is easy to organise workers on this base. A trade union need not be called a union. They would like to continue the existing social, economic and political structures. Dr. Hoxie explained a third type of union named predatory union. It is there to protect the economic, political and social interests of its members. Normally the bargaining representative for employees will be a union official. These unions generally have been craft conscious rather than class conscious. The national and regional federations of an industry deal with the problems of regional level and national level respectively. 8. Transport workers in many States are other instances in point. However is worth remembering that a representative's role during such meetings does allow them to confer with the worker during the hearing, put the worker’s case, sum up the case, respond on behalf of the worker to any view expressed at the hearing (5). Revolutionary unions are opposed to the capitalistic industry and replace it by the socialistic systems through radical means such as strikes, boycott and gheraos. Huge Collection of Essays, Research Papers and Articles on Business Management shared by visitors and users like you. These unions are called as horizontal unions. Trade union representative. These Unions are also called “vertical” unions. Since, workmen of all these industries have to deal with a common employer and their place of employment is also common, a general union may have the greatest striking power. Industrial Union 3. All unions of employers are labelled associations. Membership is open to all employers working in these units of employment, irrespective of their crafts or their occupations. Therefore, craft unions are open to members of a certain trade/skill, like Air India Navigator’s unions and Indian Pilots Guild. They may try to exploit the workers. Our sister company: Premier Advocates - Employers Legal Advice. The main reason for the development of such industry-cum- centre union has been the concentration of certain industries in particular areas; organisation of employers in those centres has also been a contributory cause! Trade Union Representatives 1-06-14 10.22 Sidan 4. rect procedure.A union representative cannot be ordered to pay dama-ges or to repay pay which he has received for union activities which he has conducted with the approval of the organisation. More. In India, there are four central federations namely, the INTUC, the AITUC, the HMS and the UTUC. TRADE lawyer Katherine Tai is expected to be chosen by Joe Biden as a top-level trade representative in his cabinet. The Jamshedpur Labour Union, Jamshedpur, the National Union of Municipal and General Workers, the Transport and General Workers’ Union in the UK are examples of this type of unions. However, the national centres may occasionally come to the rescue of their affiliates whenever, they are in difficulties in the conduct of industrial disputes by providing publicity, appeal for funds and political support, but in actual conduct of negotiations, they have little say. You can ask for written confirmation of this from the trade union concerned . They have numerical superiority, for they are open to all classes of workers; and this is the source of their strength. (ii) Craft unions have become irrelevant in the modern days due to increasing generality of service conditions of all classes of employees. However, it improves the wage level, working conditions, quality of work life by increasing the productivity level and by bargaining for a share in the increased productivity. Reformist Unions. Primary unions are organised at the work-place and conduct industrial disputes. also increases; the persons working therein join such unions. For instance, at Dalmianagar, a cluster of industries such as cement, sugar, paper, chemical and hydrogenated oil has been established, under one ownership, generally known as the Rohtas industries. Classification of trade unions is based upon ideology, trade and agreement. Friendly unions concentrate on health, education, insurance and benefits. Some of these are- The All India Bank Employees’ Association, The All India Railway men’s Federation, The All India Insurance Employees’ Association, etc. They can choose to be accompanied by a co-worker or a union representative. Opinions and views on the role, aims and usefulness of a trade union (1) and its representatives in the modern workplace vary widely. In such situations, the Federations form into an Association and such an association is called Confederation. As is evident from their tide, these unions aim at replacing the present system with the new and different institutions based on the ideals these are consider the most preferable one. The INTUC continues to be the most dominated of the four national centres from the point of view of the number of affiliates as well as membership. Trade unions fight for workers’ rights. All persons employed in a factory or an establishment belongs to one union. These unions cannot function at national and regional level, since their base is common employer and a common place and such a base cannot be had at the national or regional level. The base of such unions is again industry but the unions of this type differ from the former in that they are designed to cover all employees of an industry situated in a particular locality or region irrespective of the number of plants or the employers. Membership of union is limited geographically. Outstanding ! This is best illustrated by the case of Vong v Sika. Besides these four central federations, the Bhartia Jan Sang has set up a central federation of trade unions under its domination and influence. (i) Employer can play one union against another and can also break the unions. This is because the range of activities in which a trade union official can participate on behalf of the union is much wider than for an ordinary member. If there is no recognised union, your employer must either consult you directly or, if a representative of employee safety (RoES) has been elected, consult the RoES or you directly. However, for the sake of better comprehension and convenience, primary unions have been placed into three categories in India. The EU’ These unions are called as horizontal unions. Apart from wages and terms of employment, modern unions also take up issues concerning production norms, introduction of new products, technological changes and the like. Most of employees working under the sectors like health and services may also join these unions. Our dedicated adviser are here to answer your questions and help you with your concerns. In recent years the significant financial difficulties and constraints faced by many organisations has meant that trade union representatives have had an increasingly important role to play in the workplace. Industrial Unions, either of same industry or of the different industry may form into an association in order to improve Trade Union Unity/strength. People may: 1. be good communicators and their work colleagues think that they would be good in the role 2. feel strongly about issues and want to change things for the better 3. be dissatisfied with something at work and want to have the rights of a representative to influence members and management 4. be persuaded to have a go by other union reps looking for strengthen the union team 5. be pleased with the outcome of a personal case that was handled by the union and want t… It is the simplest form of the trade union. Many thanks. Since they are law-abiding, they believe in the institution of collective bargaining and also setting up of cooperative enterprises, mutual insurance, profit-sharing and the like. They rather focus on the interest of workers. When employees in a unionized workplace have a complaint, the union rep, AKA, the union steward, takes point. These unions aspire to elevate the moral, intellectual and social life of workers. The support of a trade union representative in such situations helps to reassure the employee that they have someone fighting for them, they will be treated fairly, their views heard and options fully explored and considered. The main objective of reformist unions is preservation of the capitalist economy and the maintenance of competitive production on the basis of employee relations. This union takes resort to secret and violent methods. For example, Federation of Indian Railways, P & T, Central Government Employees may form into a Confederation. These unions aim at safeguarding the interests of the members against the onslaughts of employers. During the critical situations, Unions/ Federations in different industries may resort to concerted action without losing their individuality. Others are the trade unions of employees in the commercial and banking industry, government establishments, and of the journalists, teachers, engineers, actors, barbers, doctors, mechanics, etc. It can play a key role in negotiations on pay and conditions and the production and implementation of policies. If the workers of the same craft or category of the job form into a union, that union is called Craft Union. However, they have been organised on a variety of bases depending upon the needs of its members,-local situations and problems. The anti-employer speeches, along with blood-curdling national slogans, could easily catch the imagination of the workers. These unions try to destroy the existing economic system by revolutionary means. A trade union is there to represent and protect the interests of its members. Friendly or Uplift Unions 9. Trade unions: representing workers at disciplinary and grievance hearing. Generally, there are two types of federations in India: Primary industrial unions can deal with the local problems of individual units. (ii) They provide needed training through apprenticeship. This type of unions are also known as “vertical unions”. The National Commission on Labour also pointed out that, with the setting up of institutions like the wage boards and tripartite industrial committees and with greater scope given by Government for formal or informal consultations in the formulation and implementation of labour policy, have all helped in the growth of such industrial federations. Staff Unions 12. For example, if entire workforce of a cement industry decides to form a union consisting of workers of different craft; the union is called an industrial union. Such organisations are vertical in character because they enrol all types of workers who are engaged in preparing raw materials for consumption. Trade unions seek to improve the wage level, working conditions, quality of work life by increasing the productivity level and by bargaining for a share in the increased productivity. What do ULRs do? A trade union is there to represent and protect the interests of its members. They also have to follow rules about disclosing benefits that they might get from a proposed enterprise agreement that they're a bargaining representative for. For example, mechanists working indifferent industries may form a union of mechanists only. Such unions provide only the “barest minimum of associative integration.”. prime focus is representatives of independent trade unions in workplaces where the union is recognised for collective bargaining purposes.

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